Entrust Sigma DS3 PVC Printer

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Category: PVC Card Printer



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Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Printing Capacity(cards/day) 2000
Material PVC
Display Yes
Capacity 3000
Output Hopper Capacity 200
Software In built
Printing Capability Double Side
Print Color Coloured
Connectivity USB
Country of Origin Made in India



Product DescriptionEntrust Sigma ID Card Printers are specifically designed for today’s cloud environments and give you the ability to easily issue secure identities. The Entrust Sigma DS3 Direct-to-Card Printer with Tactile Impressor Module adds a counterfeiting and tampering resistance measure that stands out. Sigma DS3 printer brings an eye-catching security feature to your cards, Multiple colour tactile foil cassettes available - White, Black, Silver, Gold &Copper.

Item Code: 986
Production Capacity: 50
Delivery Time: 1 Day
Packaging Details: New Seal Pack
Material PVC
Display Yes
Capacity 125
Output Hopper Capacity 25
Software Optional
Printing Capability Double Side
Print Color Coloured
Minimum Order Quantity 1


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